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Cambian Great Dunmow School Policies

Great Dunmow School operate within statutory requirements in the educational, health and care arena. There is a policy review cycle that means that our policies are constantly under review and amended at regular intervals. Key localised policies can also be found below:


➜  Accessibility Policy

➜  Accessibility Plan

➜  Admissions Policy & Procedure

➜  Assessment Policy

➜  Attendance Policy

➜  Behaviour Support Policy

➜  Curriculum - Teaching & Learning Policy

➜  Data Protection Policy

➜  Educational Visits Policy

➜  English as an Additional Language Policy

➜  Exclusions Policy

➜  Fire Action Policy

➜  First Aid Policy

➜  Health & Safety Policy

➜  Marking Policy

➜  Relationships & Sex Education Policy

➜  Remote Learning Policy

➜  Safeguarding - Child on Child Abuse

➜  Safeguarding - Child Protection Policy

➜  Safeguarding - Filtering and Monitoring Policy

➜  Safeguarding - Managing Low Level concerns Policy

➜  Safeguarding - Managing Contextual Risks

➜  Safeguarding - Missing from Education Policy

➜  Safeguarding - Schools Safer Recruitment Policy

➜  Safeguarding - The Role of the DSL Policy

➜  Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy

➜  Whistleblowing Policy



Complaints Procedure


➜  Complaints Policy & Procedure


In the last academic year, we have had 1 complaint.


We know there will be times when students, carers, parents or placing authorities will want to give us feedback about our school and we will always be happy to hear from you. If you feel that you would like to make a suggestion, let us know about something you were pleased with, or tell us we did not meet your expectations, please contact the school via the details on the main page. A complaints procedure allows for both formal and informal complaints.


Informal complaints can be dealt with quickly, while formal complaints should be made in writing. Our full complaints policy is available above or from the school on request. This policy is designed to help you raise concerns and ensures your complaint will be dealt with fairly. If you feel you are unable to raise your issue directly with the school, or if your complaint relates to the school leadership, please contact the Regional Lead; Steve O'Gara here. If you wish to take your complaint further please contact the Director of Education; Andrew Sutherland here.


Safeguarding Statement


At Cambian Great Dunmow School we endeavor at all times to provide a safe and welcoming environment where all children are respected and valued. It is our priority to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Our approach to safeguarding is based on the following principles:

• All young people have an absolute right to be free from abuse, neglect or exploitation, and a responsibility not to abuse or exploit others

• All staff (carers, teaching, support, and ancillary) have the responsibility to be aware of the safeguarding issues and a duty to report and refer any concerns

• Young people are best kept safe when professionals work effectively together and share responsibility for protective action

• Where there are concerns about a young person’s safety, unconditional confidentiality cannot be guaranteed and will not be offered. As required by the law, we will pass on any information that give rise to concerns about a child’s welfare including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse

• Staff will be proactive and take positive steps to inform young people of their rights to safety and protection and the options available to express their fears or concerns


• When young people make allegations of abuse or neglect or exploitation they will always be listened to, have their concerns taken seriously and where appropriate, thoroughly investigated

• The staff team is trained to provide appropriate levels of supervision and support. All students have comprehensive risk assessments with proactive strategies in place which are used implemented to ensure high level of safety for all


The Proprietor


The proprietor of the school is Farouq Sheikh, Chair of the CareTech Board.  The representative of the Proprietor of the school, whose address for correspondence during both term times and holidays, is: Andrew Sutherland, Operations Director - Education, Metropolitan House, 3 Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1AG.  The representative of the proprietor may be contacted here.


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