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Student Journeys from Cambian Wing College

We love to speak about stories of success and the brilliant work our team do. Success can be measured in many different ways and our goal is to support the students in our care and bring out the best in them.

“Well, we attended the graduation ceremony today! I really wouldn’t have believed anyone if they had predicted that William would attend university let alone get a degree or a first! It was very emotional knowing what William has gone through to get to this point in his life! I confess I shed a few tears!


William has also secured himself a job with the same company my husband worked for and, indeed, in the same office with the same colleagues. William was asked to attend an informal interview a few weeks ago and they were so impressed with him they said they would generate a job just so he can work for them! He starts at the end of November and will join the graduate scheme next year.


I really wanted to let the staff know how William has done as they have played a huge part in supporting him and helping him through some very difficult times. If William had not been a student at Wing College he would definitely not have achieved so much. His time at the Wing was a turning point in his life and gave him the springboard he needed to re-join the world. We will always be grateful for his time at the Cambian Wing College.”


- William's Mum


Overall, we are really happy with how well X has settled into pear tree. He is obviously very happy there and he often tells us all that is going on. We have seen an absolute transformation in our son. He really has been thriving at his new placement and is beginning to once again believe that he has a future.”


- Relative of young Person at Pear Tree (CQC registered accommodation at Wing College)


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Emily's Journey with Autism

During Autism Acceptance Week, we caught up with Emily from Wing College who discussed what autism is like for her:

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William's Story

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"William was asked to attend an informal interview and they were so impressed they said they would generate a job [just for him]."

William's Mum - Photo used with kind permission from William

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