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We are a specialist therapeutic service that supports young children who have experienced complex trauma. Our team around the child are extensively trained to support the children in our homes, therefore, they are in an environment where every interaction they receive is therapeutic in nature. In addition to this we have a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians who can offer direct therapeutic work to the children using a range of therapeutic models.  Staff are supported through clinical supervision, reflective practice and regular on-going training.


We do not see the children as simply "existing" in our homes. Once they begin their time with us, they are on a therapeutic journey of healing from their past and learning new ways to cope. The aim is to allow the young person to improve in their social, education, psychological and general well-being abilities to achieve a sense of recovery from their early negative life experiences, to progress such from our service to live in a family setting.


We are pleased to recognise that ‘Hopscotch’ a complex trauma home has been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in their last 7 consecutive inspections.


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Our service


As a company and with our staff we have over 20 years experience in working with children who have suffered significant complex trauma.  The environment itself is homely and welcoming and every interaction we have with a child is therapeutic in nature and underpinned using DDP (dyadic developmental psychotherapy) and PACE Model (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) which includes therapeutic parenting.


The age of the children in our care is usually between 6 – 12 years and we work with these children typically over an 18 month period, in order that they can go on to have successful lives within a family environment.


We have 11 homes based across Shropshire and the Midlands which can support up to 55 children.  Our main aim is support children in order to prevent the cycle of placement breakdown by providing them with a set of skills to live successfully within a family environment.   This is achieved with three teams:  Our Clinical team who are part of the homes core staff team, our Education team; we have two dedicated SEMH schools supporting the children to meet their education needs and our Care Team of Therapeutic Parents.


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Typical Child Profile

May have one or more of the following:


• Ages 6-12 years

• Mixed gender

• Trauma as a result of: sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, physical harm, bereavement

• May show signs of Inappropriate/Problematic Sexual Behaviours: lack of understanding of appropriate touch, lack of understanding of healthy relationships with adults and peers, lack of understanding of consent

• Attachment disorder

• Sexual disinhibition

• Emotionally unstable

• Lack of empathy and trust

• Low sense of safety and security

• Cognitive skills unmatched to current age

• History of placement breakdown

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