Specialist Education

Take a peek at what the students at Cambian Wisbech School have been up to recently:


Purr Cafe


➜ Food Tech


➜ Shouldham Warren Photography Challenge


➜ Old Hurst


➜ Badminton at Lynnsport


➜ Oxborough with the Flamingos


➜ Pitch a Tent


➜ Humanities Lessons


➜ We are Scientists


➜ Trip to Wisbech


➜ Pumpkin Patch Flamingos


Maths Report (puffins)


End of Year Activities 


➜ Norfolk Lavendar


➜ Burghley House


➜ Duke of Edinburgh July 2023


South Angle Farm 


➜ Beach Trips 


➜ Employability Report


➜ Duke of Edinburgh


➜ Team Games Trip


➜ Norfolk Lavender Smarties


➜ Lincoln Castle School Trip 


➜ West Stow Meerkats 


➜ We Are Artists!


Paganism Celebrations: Part Two


Paganism Celebrations: Part One 


➜  Trip to March Town


Physical Education Learning


➜ Recycling Centre


Food Tech