Specialist Education

Take a peek at what the students at Cambian Wisbech School have been up to recently:


Paganism Celebrations: Part Two


Paganism Celebrations: Part One 


➜  Trip to March Town


Physical Education Learning


➜ Recycling Centre


Food Tech


➜ St Andrews Day


➜ Ferry Meadows


➜ Humanities Report - GCSE Geography


➜ Sandringham Sponsored Walk


➜ 'We are Scientists'


➜ Victorian Experience Day


➜ Mental Health Day


➜ Raising Money for Mind


➜ Maths Learning


➜ Muckleburgh Military Museum


➜ Sandringham Flowers


Wisbech Visit WWI Trench!


War memorials day trip


➜ Muckleburgh Military Museum


Memorials around the area


➜ Students visit Banham Zoo


➜ ‘Outstanding performance’ - Dance report


➜ Visit to the Masjid Khadijah and Islamic Centre


➜ 'Maths is an everyday essential'


PE Lessons


Visit to Holbeach Church




➜ Mental Health, Friendships and Relationships


➜ Crazy Golf!


➜ The History of Crime and Punishment


➜ Cultural Day - Ramadan


➜ Learning The Do's & Don'ts of Painting


➜ Nelson's Journey


➜ Students Fundraising For Nelsons Journey


➜ Exploration Of Rivers And Wildlife


➜ Cultural Day - Japan


➜ Frampton Marsh School Trip


➜ Music Sessions


➜ The Importance Of Teamwork


➜ Pensthorpe Nature Reserve


➜ PSHE sessions


➜ 'Learning and Laughter' in Maths Lessons


➜ IT learning


➜ Maths Lessons at Anglia Way!


➜ Horse Riding during Half Term


➜ Horse Riding


➜ Wisbech School Students Learn How to 'Warm up'!


➜ Wisbech School Celebrate Burns Night!


➜ Reviews, Resolutions & Report Writing!