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Typically, children with AS may appear to be coping in primary school, but are likely to be experiencing difficulty in social domains. They are likely to be exhibiting some disruptive or atypical behaviour, related to their condition or anxiety, either at home, or at school, or both.


Sometimes the transfer to secondary school is a time when the child's difficulties become more apparent. The difficulties may not be academic (children with AS are frequently top of the class). There are more likely to be problems because there is a lack of understanding of the behaviour and intentions of others; changing from classroom to classroom, different teachers; noise levels; the level of personal organisation needed; unstructured and unsupported break and lunch times; following instructions; lessons and completing tasks; the reliance on verbal information and an inability to interpret the wide variety of verbal and non-verbal language used by teachers and peers; lack of whole school awareness of their individual issues. They may be prone to being bullied due to their lack of social skills and for their reactions. They may also start to become more aware of the differences between themselves and their peers.


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