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Why Choose Cambian's Children's Services?


Cambian is a trusted provider with years of experience of working with children and young people through our specialist schools, care and education. All of our services are rated as 'trusted providers' by Ofsted and CQC.


Although our work embraces many specialist disciplines, it is united by a common purpose: to actively  enable each and every one of the people in our care to achieve their personal best, however it is defined by them or for them. 


Through the right clinical model, the right environment and our team of specialist and highly experienced staff, we work closely with students to promote positive social, emotional, behaviourial and academic outcomes for all and support those with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, severe learning difficulties and complex needs.


Independent learning & living


Our track record in engaging students in further education, training or employment, beyond the age of compulsory schooling is excellent. This is due to the extensive focus on supporting students with independent learning and living, social skills and employability skills.


Providing care & support for young people


For over 20 years we have provided care and support for children and young people with complex needs and social, emotional mental health, hearing loss and those who have suffered abuse or sexual exploitation, helping them grow in confidence and gain the skills they need to achieve their personal best.


Over 80 of the current 150 Local Authorities are existing and repeat customers


We offer personalised care pathways with focus on reducing 1:1 support as children transition to other homes


Transition planning from the moment admission takes place


Access to Cambian Children's Service multi-disciplinary team depending on assessment of needs and if required access to education or vocational courses


We are the largest provider of block contract beds awarded through competitive tenders


Children have access to education on-site through our dual registered homes or through Cambian specialist schools


Personalised therapeutic care programmes with allocated in-house Clinical Psychologist. This includes comprehensive assessment and progress reports


Each geographic region has a robust operational structure consisting of Regional Managers supported by Cambian central quality and governance teams


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