Residential Services

"We first heard of Clearbury from our Son's Psychiatrist who said that Clearbury achieved some very good results with young people who were profoundly Deaf also with other complex needs and thought that our Son Alex could benefit.


We agreed a visit to Clearbury with the friendly Manager Lizzy, when we visited, we very much liked what we saw, our son was very excited about going there and attending Exeter Deaf Academy to continue his Education.


We battled with our Local Authority for quite some time, as they could not understand that the complex needs our son has, could be catered for at Clearbury! They offered most bizarre ideas for his care with no signing provision which was obviously unacceptable!


Eventually after several months later an agreement was finally made, and they said yes! We were all over  the moon! Also, the funding was provided.


Arrangements were made for Alex to attend the Deaf Academy in Exeter so he could have the right support he desperately needed to further his Education.


Finally, the day was agreed for Clearbury to collect our Son, two lovely members of Staff drove up to collect, Nic Box the Regional Manager and Lizzy Irwin Clearbury Manager. We had met them previously on our visit to Clearbury and were very impressed with the way they dealt with the situation.


What we really liked on the first visit was the setup at Clearbury, a lovely spacious house in pretty surroundings opposite a Church which gave a lovely air of peace and tranquillity.


We have met all the Staff from Clearbury on numerous occasions and have been very impressed by their friendly supportive nature.


Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, they are passionate about all the young people within the house, and there is a mix of Deaf and Hearing Staff. Having deaf staff is so important for the young people to relate to as role models because deafness can be so isolating at times. Both the deaf and hearing staff bring assurance to young people, certainly to our son who has gained in confidence since being there.


We love the mix of staff there, each one brings something special to the table, some of the Staff have been there for a long time and are fantastic in what they do, very skilled and experienced with complex needs of deaf young people.


Colin is such a good deaf role model for our son, understand he was a Chef so handy for Christmas dinner! Also, Alison who is a lovely deaf lady who again brings so much experience to the house also a wizard with her hairdressing skills! Aiden Green another deaf member of staff who is fantastic with “Tech” things!


There are also very experienced hearing staff there such as Mark Harrison a team Leader who is most efficient, reliable and is fantastic with our son as he really understands his Charge Syndrome, also is an excellent Chauffeur! Always being happy to drive Alex up to visit us.


Shelley now the Deputy Manager for Clearbury being deaf herself is very experienced and understands the frustration of trying to communicate with non-signers, another reason Clearbury is vital to Profoundly Deaf Young People.


All the staff there are amazing! Highly skilled.


It is managed overall by Esther who is brilliant at her job, so experienced with Deaf issues and needs, as she comes from a Deaf environment herself and is a Level 6 BSL user. She also understands Charge Syndrome having had experience with other young people, she runs a very tight ship, most efficient, friendly, so experienced in all areas.


Since being at Clearbury our son has blossomed! has more self-confidence, loves living in the house, has the life he should have with the right support, he is so happy, has complete confidence in all the Staff as we do. It is the only Special Provision for his complex needs.


We love the Family atmosphere the House gives, everyone helps everyone, they work as a Team and an outstanding Team they are!


We have always felt that working in Clearbury is more of a vocation than just a job, being a great opportunity for someone with a passion about Deaf Young People wanting to help them and support them on their journey, in life."


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