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Morwellham Quay School Trip


Devon School recently visited Morwellham Quay. Morwellham was once a thriving river port linking the mines of West Devon and East Cornwall to the rest of the World. Morwellham now forms the Eastern Gateway to the Cornwall & West Devon Mining landscape UNESCO World Heritage Site.


All students had a fantastic day and felt that the trip bought learning to life for them. All students were perfect ambassadors for Devon School and set a brilliant example of how we learn and behave offsite.


We visited the mine and learnt about the global significance of the location, including the defining physical and human characteristics of the site. We learnt about technological changes and the history of copper mining; Including breaking the rocks with hammers and sorting the copper ore from the waste rock!


We also learnt about the industrial revolution, the empire, the slave trade and the impact this had on society.


During the day we will also had the opportunity to have a look around the Victorian village and draw comparisons to our own lives.


The trip ended with a train ride through the mine. How the miners must have felt in hours of darkness each day really resonated during the train ride, however, our journey was a little more Christmassy with some light displays and Christmas music playing!