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Jeans for Genes


On Friday 22nd September 2023, Grateley held its annual Jeans for Genes Day in which we raise awareness of this charity whose funds support children affected by genetic disorders.


 The day started with a short Assembly explaining the importance of the charity and their work raising funds to support the children and their families, followed by a quick reminder of cell structure and the DNA to be found in the nucleus of cells and the fact this carries all the ‘instructions’ for making each and every one of us unique, despite the fact we are 99.9% the same as every other human being!


Students enjoyed comparing with each other in terms of dimples, freckles, tongue rolling and whether they have a straight or ‘hitchhikers’ thumb!  


Students donated 50p towards this non-uniform day and staff donated £1.00 for the chance to wear jeans to school, but by far and away the most lucrative and popular part of the day was the bake sale held at breaktime and again at the end of the day. The excellent spread had been made by students during their food technology lessons, supplemented with additional items baked and brought in by supportive staff. Despite an excellent array of very reasonably priced goodies from which to choose, all disappeared by the end of the day, as many students were keen to take offerings home to share with their family.


And the result of the fund raising?


A fantastic sum of £150 was raised! Well done to everyone.