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Southlands students learning to save lives!


Students at Cambian Southlands School have had a brilliant time learning all about first aid and saving lives. They've practiced different techiniques including slings, wound treatment and CPR. 


First Aid 1



First aid is an essential learning experience and the students had some great things to say:


"I wanted to do first aid for so long, I was able to learn how to put someone in to the recovery position, deliver CPR, how to use a defibrillator and help someone who is choking. I feel a lot more confident after learning these skills."


- Year 10 student.



"I really enjoyed doing this training. I learned a lot from it and will take a lot of useful information away from it, that if needed, I could use."


- Year 10 student.



"I loved it! I hope that I can use the things I learned in real life to help save someone."


- Year 12 student.


What a brilliant day for everyone involved!



First Aid 2