Residential Services

"I know it’s only Sunday however, I just cannot wait to tell you all! 


So today I had an interview with a local football team for kids aged 18 months to 5 years and before I’d even left the interview I was told that I had got the job within 2 venues!


As you lot know, football is my passion! I love playing, watching and learning about it a lot. I have done from the age of 4.  Also I think this has come from helping Mam a lot with the twins, but I really love being involved with the little ones ❤


So, I am literally so, so happy that I’ve got this job, football and the little kiddos into one! I am not being a stuck up bragger, but I am 17 and doing all this and its crazy - I LOVE IT!


However, the point of this email was me saying thank you to you all... I would not have gotten this far without the support of you amazing people. I know I’ve had my ups and downs whilst living with you, but don’t we all?  I know this type of job is not always the easiest, but I hope that I’ve not been too bad!


Honestly you have all stood by me no matter what!  I cannot thank you enough.  Yes I have my favourite’s 😉 but everyone has played a part in my progress!! 


You are all unbelievable, insane, amazing, caring and all have class personalities, never change… and when you have your hard days ... NEVER give up.  You are all more than enough.


Individually in your own little ways you have made a huge, positive impact in my life!


There are no words to explain my gratefulness, I cannot wait for the future!


Peace out!"