Residential Services

"I'd like this  to be sent on to the whole team and anyone that has been here through this time of me being here. 


My start wasn’t the best but as always I have tried to make the best out of what I had, when I turned up here you all gave me the chances, support and love I needed to have this brighter outlook on my future.


I want to do well for myself,  I want to be so much more than people think I can be, to prove them wrong. Most of my childhood I was being told that I was nothing and that I will always be nothing, it did used to get to me but I am something and I will be so much more then people thought I'd be. I do get sad knowing that I lost people on my growth to be the best version of me but everyone that has come in and out my life has left a life lesson that I will hold onto forever.


The last 16 chapters of my book have not always been a smooth ride but those bumps will only be allowed to make me a better person further on down the line.


In the past 8 months I have come to peace with a lot, I have grown so much during my time with you.   Every one of the carers and children have given me a life lesson to take into the new chapters of my life yet to come.


Everything happens for a reason, being shown a more positive and happier way of living will stay with me throughout the rest of my journey.


I'd like to say thank you to everyone that has given me the chance to become a better young lady.


Love Joanne"