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Merida is a 22 place residential Specialist Mental Health Service (SMHS). Our grounds include four individual homes, each with a capacity to provide accommodation for up to 5 young people and an intermediate care home that can support up to 2 young people at a time for up to 28 days while we assess their next steps. Merida also includes of our on-site school and outdoor facilities which will all enhance the experience for young people whilst at Merida. At Merida we will specialise in supporting young people who have ongoing mental health needs that may prevent them from functioning in the community without continued support.


Through a robust assessment process, we will identify young people who will not meet the criteria for hospital admission but need a therapeutic environment to reduce their risk, build their skills for independent living and provide the tools to regulate themselves and maintain their safety via the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) employed within Merida.


Merida will use the intermediate care home to support young people who present particularly high-risk behaviours and will have a short assessment period to help stabilise and identify next suitable steps where there is an opportunity for possible transition into one of the other homes within Merida or support them to move on to access more appropriate treatment elsewhere. Some of the young people may struggle to reintegrate back into the community due to their ongoing mental health difficulties and, as a result, may have had multiple hospital admissions, which can undermine community re-integration even further. We will provide an integrated approach that will include therapeutic support and building practical life skills facilitated by our Clinical and support team within Merida as well as enhancing their experience within an education setting to boost self-esteem. We aim to achieve excellent outcomes for our young people, which provide them with the tools to become well-balanced adults.

Our Vision

Our vision for Merida is to provide an outstanding level of care and support to the young people who are living in the Merida homes; we aim to provide an environment that both stimulates and nurtures young people whilst ensuring they feel relaxed and comfortable. We will promote an environment where young people can develop the academic, practical and social skills needed to thrive and grow from young person into adulthood.


Our Team at Merida will offer optimum experiences for young people to recover and return to their usual places of residence or transition to a more independent community setting. The Team at Merida will develop and build on relationships with young people; each young person will have an individualised care plan adapted to how they develop and change over time. This will ensure individual needs are being met and outcomes are being achieved.


Cambian is committed to operating within strict legal and ethical guidelines, nurturing employees and introducing measures to promote job satisfaction, at the same time ensuring that all the staff provide care that is young person focused.


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Merida Specialist Mental Health Service (Artist's impression)

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