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A Helping of History for Hill House School


Students in the Lower School at Hill House have been learning about The Vikings during their Thematic Learning Approach lessons. In the classroom Students have been learning about how they lived, what they ate, the music they liked to listen to and much more...


What was learned in the classroom, soon became apparent when they went on to visit the Ancient Technology Centre in Wimborne, an outdoor education centre operated by Dorset Council, providing historical experiences linked to the national curriculum.


Students took part in a Granary activity, grounding corn and wheat using quern stones.

Once this activity was complete, they then visited a Roman Forge, looking at all the tools and techniques involved to build the structure of which they were standing in – as well as the herbs and plants which were used for cooking.


Students felt the various artefacts in the Iron Roundhouse, that had different textures and smells. 


After helpings of history, everyone sat down around a bonfire whilst listening to a sensory story about the Viking Gods. This was a great experience and was one to remember!



It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! 


 Students Taking Part In Granary Activity



Male Student Smelling Cooking Herbs



Student Touching Artefacts In The Iron Age Roundhouse



Students Listening To Storytime