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Hill House Harvest Festival Celebrations 2021


The start of the Autumn term brought Harvest Celebrations for everyone at Hill House!


Hill House Harvest Day Students Staff 


There were two days of festivities, which started with lots of learning about harvests past and present, making homemade lemonade and a variety of breads, creating scarecrows and playing a giant pig ball game (Feeding a hungry 'pretend pig' by throwing objects into its mouth).


Hill House Harvest Day Students Staff Reading


The sun was shining when everyone arrived in the school field and the allotment to celebrate the flowers and vegetables that they had grown. Students and staff also enjoyed sharing the bread that had been made, listening to harvest poems and most importantly saying hello to the local alpacas who came to visit!


Hill House Harvest Day Students Staff Petting Animals


The Alpacas were very popular with the Students and Staff and they a great time saying hello to them. It looks like the Alpacas loved the attention that they got that day and had as much fun as everyone else.


Hill House Harvest Day Students Staff And Animals


Hill House Harvest Day Group Of Students Staff Petting Animalspng 


Harvest Day was a wonderful celebration, enjoyed by all and was a perfect end to the week.