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'Green Dragon's Den'


Students at Hill House School recently took their 'One Planet Living' Initiative one step further with a 'Green Dragon's Den'.


The Schools 'One Planet Living' Initiative promotes happy, healthy and sustainable living at Hill House, with students and staff working together to use Eco-friendly methods throughout the school during both learning and day to day living.


Discussing Ideas


Dragon's Den is a popular programme in which individuals present their business ideas, to persuade one or many of the 'dragons' to become an investor in their business.


Hill House Students were encouraged by this and created their own pitches and presentations of their ideas for areas to become more green ranging from music, all the way to planting their own trees in a dedicated garden.




Some ideas revolved around the reduction of common everyday materials such as paper, water and plastics. Whether that be reusing these materials or simply providing facilities in which they can be taken and disposed of accordingly, therefore enabling the school to be more green.


The Refill Project


Other ideas included the conservation of light sources and creating an area in which students can plant more trees and add their handprint to a tree wall mural for posterity. 


The 'Dragons' were all very impressed with the proposals as they were not only viable but feasible to implement too! 


Read all about their proposals HERE!.