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Cambian Hill House School Win Two Care Awards!


Cambian Hill House School were proud recipients of not one, but two Care Awards; an impressive feat in itself. Excellence in Office Operations went to Admin Manager Angie Bridle whilst Speech and Language Therapist, Kirsty Marsden took home the accolade for Educator of the Year!


Angie's Principal, Kate Landells, described her as "legendary" and "the go-to person for other schools and homes who need advice on admin matters from managing the SCR to payroll and census completion - her approach is person centred and purposeful. Angie and her team are the heart of the school; they are welcoming, friendly and nothing is too much trouble."


Her professionalism is just one excellent aspect of her performance. As Kate explains; "Angie is incredibly kind and never forgets her team's birthdays. Her genuine affection and respect for our students is palpable and the very reason everything matters so much to her - getting it right is so important for them."


Kirsty Marsden's colleague, James Gemmell, told us that the S&L therapist is “dependable, knowledgeable and kind, adding an extra layer of excellence through her commitment and attention to detail.” He believes she is “invaluable during reviews, as she has such a depth of knowledge, not just of autism, but particularly of our children.” As a person, she is “always happy and smiling, and her upbeat personality rubs off on others. She has an empathy for those she works with as she understand the difficulties that exist in our line of work and she will bake cakes for the teams just because she appreciates the work that they do.”


Care Award