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From Garden to Table


Hill House enjoy home grown food – from Garden to Table in an afternoon!



Students and staff at Hill House have tended their allotment gardens this year and despite unseasonal weather, have been able to grow a splendid crop of runner beans. Hill House Wellbeing Lead, Adrian Hayward, who also happens to be an exceptional chef, has ensured our students really are enjoying home grown produce from their garden to their table as a delicious supper. Thursday evening saw our young people in the Beeches Home not only picking their runner beans during the day, but asking for second helpings at dinner that evening!



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From starting with an empty garden in March, students have sewn seeds with staff and have enjoyed spending time in the gardens at Hill House. Although the squirrels decided to raid the strawberry patch this year, the runner bean crop has more than made up for it!



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The gardens also boast sweetcorn, a blossoming pumpkin patch in preparation for 31st October and some lovely everlasting flowers that students will pick, dry and use for Christmas gifts.