Child Sexual Exploitation

"To all at The Stubbs,


Well, where do I start? THANK YOU just doesn't feel like it's enough although I do thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the high level of care you have given my Hannah, you have kept her safe when the world wasn't allowing her to be as safe as she could be.


Your placement although I do understand she has grown out of this has done wonders for her and has helped shaped Hannah into the young beautiful woman she is becoming.


I appreciate everything you have done for her by creating a safe environment for her to live in with consistent routines and I hope she continues to adhere by these when setting up her own little living space. 


Hannah has the love and support from me, my Mum, Sister, friends and family and I will definitely try my best to reign her in as much as she will allow me with a gentle guidance.


Alex - Thank you for going above and beyond for Hannah - Taking and staying with her in the hospital during her leg operations, loving her like she was your own and guiding her as best you could. I still can’t believe you left your poor husband and son to fend for themselves lol but I am truly grateful you did this to look after Hannah.


Lawrence - Hannah can be a little madam I know and at times every staff member has most probably clashed with her, this just shows me that you all had her back and cared for her deeply - Thank you Lawrence for taking on the big Uncle role and guiding her as best as could be - something will definitely stick with Hannah, I will make sure of it. 


Alcha - Keep being you, Hannah I know at times was a pain but I hope you did get to see the beautiful Hannah that she really is and that she didn't constantly moan at you - Thank you 


Jason - Wow you finally have rid of her lol (joking) Thank you for looking out for her, not giving in to her, although she can talk her way around anything you stuck to your guns and didn't give in. I hope she has taken on board everything you have taught her and continues to flourish.


Helen - I'm sorry I didn't get to give you a huge cuddle for looking out for my Hannah. Thank you and I wish you well.


To the staff members I didn't get to meet but know have all watched out for Hannah, watched her grow and wish her well.  THANK YOU!!  


Kate - I'm glad I got to say a short goodbye - keep being you and look after the rest of the girls that the ugly people got their hands on and let them know the world is theirs for the taking and there are good people out there, we just have to believe and we are shown that through you and the Stubbs workers.


THANK YOU from my Mum as well - I think she has been the worst in giving Hannah money throughout the years when she should have been budgeting but there was no telling her, Hannah is her number 1 granddaughter and she said she couldn't see her go hungry even though I knew she wasn't starving. 


Now for the next chapter in Hannah’s life and my two kids moaning at each other lol.  Her brother has missed her dearly, he still doesn't get there is a 10 year age gap and will still remind me daily that I have to treat them the same - how I do not know? Lol I now officially have a babysitter I will use that for an hour here and there for me time and they can bond together watching films until she turns 18 and is out gallivanting here and there,  I will let you all know how she is getting on. 


Many thanks,


Hannah’s Mum X"


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• Aged 16-25

• D/deaf or hearing loss

• Communication difficulties

• Associated complex needs

• Challenging behaviour

• Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome or other diagnosed conditions

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