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➜  Student Term Dates 2021/2022


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➜  Sylvia's Superb Work Experience!


➜  Sylvia Makes Her Own Food & Shelter For Her D of E Award


➜  Dilston Raise Money For Charity


➜  Summer Fun at Dilston College


Celebration Day at Dilston College


➜  NatSpec Feature: End of Term Celebrations for Dilston College


➜  New Arrivals at Dilston College


➜  Dilston Gets Easter Surprise from Tesco!


➜  Dilston Students Enjoy Writing Stories in Forest School Sessions


➜  Dilston College Staff Member, Andrew Gardner, Wins Award for 25 Years Service.


➜  Cambian Dilston College Think Outside the Box for Home Learning

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Tansy, our support dog, acts as a form of therapy for students either as part of walks or to fulfil sensory needs.

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