Anti-Bullying Week
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Anti-Bullying Week Resources

Below you will find a range of resources that will help you and others recognise bullying, the laws and rights surrounding bullying and what you can do to help stop it. Bullying can involve people of any age, and can happen anywhere – at home, school or online. This means it can happen at any time.


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Bullying is when individuals or groups seek to harm, intimidate or coerce someone who is
perceived to be vulnerable - Oxford English Dictionary, 2021

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Discussion Prompts

An easy guide on how to have a discussion with young people about bullying and some questions to guide you on how much understanding they have.


➜ Download here.


Children's Rights

It's every child's right not to be bullied. Although children and young people are covered under the Human Rights Act 1998, their rights are more clearly specified under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).


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NSPCC Prevention - Bullying & Cyberbullying

Learn about the behaviours of bullying, the impact, how to recognise and respond to bullying and how to prevent it.


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Movie Night

If you would like a more visual element to prompt a discussion, here's a selection of movies and TV shows that may bring awareness to encourage a conversation about bullying. There are suggestions for both younger and older children.


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Anti-Bullying Week is co-ordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and this year has the theme 'One Kind Word'.


Dates for your Diary


15th November: Odd Socks Day

Group Of Odd Socks

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16th November: Our One Kind Word competition winners will be selected


17th November: Our competition winning One Kind Words

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19th November: Movie Night

(take your pick from some choices here.)


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