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Covid-19 External Guidance



Information specifically in relation to Covid-19, including governance guidance, and the latest news from external sources. The below links are not affiliated with CareTech or Cambian Group.


Governance/NHS Guidelines

➜ Guidance on Shielding or Protecting an Extremely Vulnerable Person - click to read

➜ Guidance for Children's Social Care Services - click to read

➜ Ofsted: Covid-19 Rolling Update - click to read

➜ NHS Advice for Everyone - click to read

➜ NHS Handwashing Poster - click to read

➜ NHS Great Ormond Street Hospital - Information for Families - click to read

Returning to Work Flowchart (Asymptomatic) - click to read

Returning to Work Flowchart (Symptomatic) - click to read

➜ Care Home Testing of Visitors - Guidance  click here

➜ DfE Letter to OCHs on Children and Visitor Testing click here


Department for Education and Social Care Guidelines 

➜ Safe working in education, childcare and children’s social care settings, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) click to read

➜ Planning guide for early years and childcare settings - click to read

➜ Guidance for full openings: Schools (Specialist Schools) - click to read

➜ Face Coverings in Education - click to read

➜ Coronavirus (COVID-19): Test Kits for Schools and FE Providers - click to read

➜ Coronavirus (COVID-19): Test Kits for Children's Homes - click to read

➜ Coronavirus (COVID-19): PPE – (Adults) - How to work safely in care homes - click to read

➜ Schools and Childcare Setting - Return in January - click to read

➜ Mass Asymptomatic Testing - Schools and Colleges - click to read

➜ Visiting Care Homes During Covid-19 - click to read 

➜ Care Home Testing Guidance - for Adults - click to read 

National Restrictions Guidance for Schools - click to read 

Ofsted COVID-19 Roling Update - click to read 

➜ Guidance for Special Schools, specialist Post-16 providers and alternative provision during national lockdown - click to read

➜ Rapid asymptomatic coronavirus (COVID-19) testing for staff in primary schools, school-based nurseries and maintained nursery schools - click to read

➜ Restricting attendance during the national lockdown - click to read


Easy Read Guides 

NHS: Having your oxygen levels checked click here

➜ NHS: Having your temperature taken - click to read

➜ Public Health England: Looking after your feelings and your body - click to read

➜ Schools and Colleges 'How To Guide' Green Guide - click to read

➜ Why, Who, What and When to Test - click to read


How to Support Children

➜ Supporting children during Covid-19 (England) - click to read

➜ Supporting children during Covid-19 (Wales) - click to read

➜ Unicef - click to read

➜ Childline - click to read

➜ What parents need to know about Covid-19 - click to read

➜ Children's Commissioner: Requesting Additional Safeguards - click to read

➜ RCPCH: General Public Resources - click to read

➜ Covid-19 Safeguarding Children (Welsh Sites) - click to read

➜ World Health Organisation: Covid-19 Video (for older children) - click to read

➜ Coping with Covid Isolation - click to read



How to Explain to Children

➜ How to Talk to Kids and Teens about World Trauma - click to read


Other Useful Information

➜ Do I have Covid-19? - click to read

➜ Changes to DBS ID checking guidelines - click to read

➜ Benefits and Covid-19 - click to read


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