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PPE Guidelines

➜ PPE Guidance - Children's Services (UPDATED 22/07/2020) click here

➜ PPE Guidance - Adult Services (UPDATED 21/07/2020) click here

➜ PPE Flowchart - Children's Services (UPDATED 04/06/2020) click here

➜ PPE Flowchart - Adult Services (UPDATED 29/04/2020) click here

➜ Preventing Facial Skin Damage Beneath PPE click here

➜ Updated Guidance - Use of Masks in Scotland click here


Face Coverings

➜ Face Cover Guidance - (UPDATED 22/07/2020) click here

➜ Face Covering Exemption Cards click here



➜ Testing Protocol (UPDATED 20/05/2020) click here

➜ Being Tested for Covid-19 - Children's Services click here

Whole Home Testing - click here

➜ Home Testing - Children's Services click here

➜ Consent Form - Children's Services click here

➜ Consent/Refusal Form - Staff click here


Test & Trace

NHS Covid Test & Trace click here


New Admissions Information

➜ CareTech's Position on New Admissions click here


Visitor Related Information

➜  Visits to Services - click to read

➜  Visitors Risk Assessment - click to read

➜  Family Visit Guidance - click to read

➜  Risk Assessment Checklist - click to read


Social Distancing

➜ Social Distancing Guidance - click to read


Training Plans for New Staff

 Cambian Children's Residential Services Training - click to read

 CareTech Adult Services Training - click to read

 CareTech Children Services Traning - click to read

 CareTech Specialist Services Training - click to read


Supporting People in Our Care

➜ Covid-19 Information - click to read 

➜ Covid-19 Information (for Staff) - click to read

➜ How to Protect Yourself & Others - click to read

➜ Covid-19 Self Isolation - click to read

 Supporting Young People - click to read

➜ Supporting People with Autism click here 

➜ Recognising symptoms for people with SPD click here

➜ Sensory considerations for washing hands click here



➜ Covid-19 Story Board click to read

➜ Coronavirus: A Book for Children click here


Useful Information 

➜ How to Wash Your Hands (from the team at Cambian Lufton College) - click to watch

➜ Who should self-isolate? - click here

➜ Coronavirus and hospital (easy read)click here

➜ Resources to use with people with learning disabilities - click here

➜ Summary Update from our Regulators - Updated 12th June - click to read

Any questions email -

Emergencies call - 0161 507 3555

Latest Government information (England Only) click here

Letter from Secretary of State for Health and Social Care click here

Support available from the CareTech Foundation click here

Cambian School & College updates click here