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PPE Guidelines

➜ PPE Guidance - Children's Services (UPDATED 26/10/2020) click here

➜ PPE Guidance - Adult Services (UPDATED 21/07/2020) click here

➜ PPE Flowchart - Children's Services (UPDATED 04/06/2020) click here

➜ PPE Flowchart - Adult Services (UPDATED 29/04/2020) click here

➜ Preventing Facial Skin Damage Beneath PPE click here


Face Coverings

➜ Face Cover Guidance - All Services - (UPDATED 25/09/2020) click here

➜ Face Covering Exemption Cards click here



➜ Testing Protocol (UPDATED 19/09/2020) click here

➜ Being Tested for Covid-19 - Children's Services click here

Whole Home Testing - click here

➜ Home Testing - Children's Services click here

➜ Consent Form - Children's Services click here

➜ Consent/Refusal Form - Staff click here


Early Outbreak Management

Early Outbreak Management (Children's Homes) click here

Early Outbreak Management (Further Education) click here

Find your local health protection team in England - click here


New Admissions Information

➜ CareTech's Position on New Admissions click here


Visitor Related Information

➜  Visits to Services - Guidance for Visitors - click to read

➜  Visits to Services - Guidance for Children's Services - click to read

➜  Visitors Privacy Notice (Download)click to read

➜  Visitors Risk Assessment - click to read

➜  Risk Assessment Checklist - click to read

➜  Visitors Sign in Sheet (Offices) - click to read

➜  Visitors Sign in Sheet (Services) - click to read


Social Distancing

➜ Social Distancing Guidance - All Services - click to read


Audit & Assessment

➜ COVID-19 Audit 2020 - click to read


Training Plans for New Staff

 Cambian Children's Residential Services Training - click to read

 CareTech Adult Services Training - click to read

 CareTech Children Services Traning - click to read

 CareTech Specialist Services Training - click to read


Supporting People in Our Care

➜ Covid-19 Information - click to read 

➜ Covid-19 Information (for Staff) - click to read

 Supporting Young People - click to read

➜ Supporting People with Autism click here 

➜ Sensory considerations for washing hands click here


Useful Information 

➜ How to Wash Your Hands (from the team at Cambian Lufton College) - click to watch

➜ Resources to use with people with learning disabilities - click here

➜ Summary Update from our Regulators - Updated 21st September - click to read

Any questions email -

Emergencies call - 0161 507 3555

Latest Government information (England Only) click here

Letter from Secretary of State for Health and Social Care click here

Support available from the CareTech Foundation click here