Guidance for Staff

Please note: Whilst public facing, the information below is for staff only. Please do not use this section of the website or any resources on this page unless you are a member of staff.


➜ Business Continuity Plan for Children's Services (NEW!) - click to read

➜ Guidance for Staff - click to read

➜ Guidance for Staff (Residential) - click to read

➜ BAME Staff Guidance  - click to read

➜ Covid-19 Staff Risk Assessment - click to read

➜ Clinical Guide to Supporting those with Learning Difficulties or Autism - click to read

➜ Guidance on Shielding and Protecting People for Covid-19 click here


Working from Home/Remotely


 Temporary Working from Home Guidance - click to read

➜ Ergonomics Handout click here

➜ ICO Date Security: The Basics click here

➜ User Guide - Remote Working click here

➜ Returning to Work Flowchart (Asymptomatic) - click to read

➜ Returning to Work Flowchart (Symptomatic) - click to read


Residential Care


➜ Guidance on Isolation for Residential Education Settings - click to read

➜ Responding to Covid-19 (Adult Social Care) click here

➜ Managing the Covid-19 Pandemic in Care Homes click here

➜ Met Advice for Care Homes click here



➜ Covid-19 Contingency Plan click here

➜ Covid-19 Contingency Plan Appendix 1. (Operational) click here

➜ Covid-19 Hospital Passport click here

➜ Suspected Covid-19 Care Plan  click here

➜ Assessment and Best Interests Tool click here

➜ Covid-19 Key Worker Template Letter (schools) - click to read 

➜ Covid-19 Key Worker Template Letter (external) click here

➜ Social Care Worker Card click here


Useful Links


➜ Registration Guidance click here

➜ Medicine Matters Bulletin - Medicine Information for Care Staff - click to read

➜ Deep Cleaning - click to read

➜ Update on clinical and cleaning supplies - click to read

➜ Alcohol Hand Sanitiser - Fire Warning - click to read

Staff Messages

Staff Message - 7th May - click to read

Staff Message - 3rd April - click to read

Staff Message - 27th March - click to read

Staff Message - 20th March - click to read

Staff Message - 16th March - click to read

Staff Message - 11th March - click to read

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Emergencies call - 0161 507 3555

Latest Government information (England Only) click here

Letter from Secretary of State for Health and Social Care click here

Support available from the CareTech Foundation click here

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