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Amplifying Anti-Bullying Messages Through Workshops


To conclude Anti-Bullying week, Home Tree School held a morning workshop. This involved the students and the staff dividing into small groups to cover a variety of topics such as Racism, Peer on Peer Abuse and Cyber Bullying.


Each group had a task of creating either a PowerPoint presentation, poster or their own song to share amongst the class when they came together at the end of the morning.


Cyber Bullying Powerpoint (1)


It was evident that our students and staff did not disappoint us as these PowerPoint presentations and posters that they have created will be put to good use as staff training methods and displays around the school. 


Staff With ABW Poster


They also made an amazing and hard-hitting song too!


Take a look at the lyrics of their song entitled 'Hold Up':


Listen to our playlist

Don’t be a racist

Racism ain’t good

It’s misunderstood

We all join forces

While we all remorse

About all the hatred, depression, suicide and skin bleaching

When all we should do is educating through teaching

Don’t be a racist, be an activist

For equality, unity, inclusion and race

Know your place, don’t be a disgrace

Don’t culture appropriate

Why not culture appreciate

Having different coloured skin

don’t make you weird

We’re just the same as you,

nothing to be feared

Why not sit together

and have a cup of tea

And then maybe you’ll see

that there is unity

Islam is a religion

Not to be mistaken with terrorism

It’ll lead you to prison

Praise Allah through prayer not through terror

Now through this playlist your mind should be clearer


Staff Dressed Up For Rap


The Headteacher Melanie Higgs even dressed for the part as a rapper and was very proud of all those who got involved.