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Autism advocate Simon returns to The Forum School


Today we were delighted to have a very familiar face, Simon Tobin, join us (once again) at the Forum School. 


Simon took time out of his busy schedule to travel to the Dorset countryside and through the blue gates of the Forum School where he was eagerly met by his old teacher, and Principal, Jo Galloway. 


The purpose of Simon’s visit was to speak about ‘Promoting awareness and understand about Autism, as well as his own personal experiences of Autism Spectrum Disorder’. 


Simon exhibited his presentation to a full house of the staff team. This included many old acquaintances as Simon used to attend The Forum School for a number of years prior to leaving in 2007 and transitioning to fellow Cambian provision, Grately House.  Simon now lives in Supported living accommodation where he has keen aspirations to move on from this to semi- Supported living. 


Simon captivated the audience with discussions of areas of importance such as Social Skills, challenging behaviour, difficulty expressing emotions, friendships and sensory needs.  Throughout this, Simon related to his presentation throughout different stages of his life.


Since attending a mainstream college where he first spoke about Autism, Simon has spoken in various schools, colleges and even The Autism Show. One of his aspirations is to do more presentations so if you would like to get in touch, please email him 


The Forum School would like to say a huge Thank you to Simon, everyone was eager for the session, it certainly did not disappoint.