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Cambian Beverley School visit The Bradford National Science and Media Museum


As part of their Media studies, our young people enjoyed a visit to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford.  


They spent time looking at photographs taken using pinhole camera and discovered how early forms of animation were created using a device called a Zoetrope. This gave them inspiration for designing their own Zeotropes when they returned to school.


Our young people also visited the Magic Factory where they were able to investigate how light, lenses and mirrors are used to create illusions and animations, and explore the science behind how we see the world around us.   


However the highlight of the visit for most students was the opportunity to play on retro video games from the 80s and 90’s, such as Pac Man, Pong and the original Mario Kart. 


Everybody had a great day out and hope to go there again soon!