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Cambian Bletchley Park School's balloons take flight


Our young people at Cambian Bletchley Park School have been learning about the history of flight as part of their Class 5 Geography lessons. 


One of the team projects set was to test how far balloons could travel. The class members filled their balloons with helium and attached notes, asking members of the public who found them to respond by telling the young people how far they had travelled.


The balloons were released and the end of last week Cambian Bletchley Park received a balloon reply, over 455 miles away! 


The school received a note from a teacher based at a primary school in the small village of Souvigny en Sologne, in the centre of France, stating that one of their students had found the balloon ten days ago and brought it to class. 


The schools are now preparing a small mail exchange and we look forward to hearing more about Bletchley Park’s pen-friend updates very soon!  


Well done everybody!