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Cambian Dilston College Think Outside the Box for Home Learning


Article as featured by Natspec.


With all the lockdown restrictions, staff at Dilston College have been imaginative, thinking outside the box on how to make activities outside of the college happen.


The students have had great fun accessing and engaging in a full programme of remote learning with the support of two dedicated tutors. Students have been given timetables to follow from home with a wide range of activities including independent living tasks, functional skills work, PE, art and creative writing. Parents have also been supported with suggestions and activities to help students access the sensory diet they require while stuck at home. Lots of different areas have been covered, with a focus on castles and birds.


Students have also been attending weekly zoom meetings with their tutor; a new but interesting experience for everyone. The zoom meetings have been a great way for students to have direct contact with their tutor while isolated from college and their peers. And as another way to keep in touch, students have been sending their tutors photos and videos about what they’ve been doing, and posting completed work back. Some students have even been getting siblings and parents involved, making it a real family occasion. Lockdown may be difficult but students and staff are adapting and managing to have fun despite it all!


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