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Cambian Scarborough School take part in The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Cambian Scarborough School take part in The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award image

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a flexible programme that helps to develop young people for life and work, the numbers speak for themselves: 93% of participants feel that it’s helped them to work in a team and 84% feel that they have become a more responsible person.


It’s the world’s leading youth achievement award and many young people find achieving the Award life-changing. It’s a fun adventure and a major challenge with a wide range of activities and opportunities to gain new skills.


At Cambian Scarborough School, some of our young people taken the plunge and have started to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.


A Bronze programme can be started once you’re 14 (or nearly 14). There are 4 sections; volunteering, physical, skills and expedition. Students must do a minimum of 3 months activity for each of the sections, they also have to plan, train for and do a 2 day (1 night) expedition! The young people also have to spend an extra three months on one of their preferred sections. 


On Monday’s the young people have been putting on their hiking boots and spending the day orienteering through the local countryside, using maps and compasses to navigate their way around. Staff have been impressed by their hard work, dedication and commitment to the project so far.


During next term the students will think about what they’d like to do in the future and the aim is to find work experience placements at local organisations and charities where they can volunteer to help. This will give them the opportunity to learn valuable life skills about working life outside of school and what’s expected from them in employment, they’ll think about their ambitions and how to achieve them.    


A big well done to all those students taking part, the staff are all very proud of you!