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Cambian Somerset School meet the Exeter Chiefs

Cambian Somerset School meet the Exeter Chiefs image

Cambian Somerset School visited Exeter Chiefs Rugby Ground at the end of September and had a fabulous experience! Cathy*, one of our young people wrote an exciting account of the day in her own words below.


“On  28th September we all travelled to Sandy Park in Exeter, where the Exeter Chiefs train. As we waited, we had lunch and did some races between staff and students to keep our spirits up.


Eventually Aaron, the coach came to collect us and we played a bit of tag rugby and got split up in partners. We performed some rugby skill drills such as throwing and catching practice.


After we played the games, Aaron showed us the stadium and where the players and managers sit. We walked through the tunnel, where the players run out, and we saw their victory photographs on the walls. Aaron told us about the massive door to the First Aid Room; it was to allow stretchers to come in and out, with injured players. We all stood by the logo on the wall and had our photo taken with Aaron!


Aaron then showed us the changing rooms. He told us that they have their names on their changing room seats and players had different colours so that you could tell how many games they had played. The players eat pizza and milkshake for energy after any match they play! How lucky are they?!


Then we went up to the training field, it was made up of two different grasses', real grass and artificial grass so it can absorb and drain the rain easily. After that we walked through the hall and saw the gym, the physiotherapy room and a pool. But, it was no ordinary pool! It was an ice bath for players who’d hurt themselves. We all got to feel how cold the water was: the temperature was so cold it felt as if my fingers would drop off!


Afterwards, we walked back to the car and I interviewed Aaron. I asked him “how do you become an Exeter Chief Coach?” He replied, “I went to Exeter University and studied Sports Science. I also played ruby for the university, and eventually, my coach asked me if I wanted to train with the Chiefs. I obviously said yes!” He then went on to tell us how many games he’d played and won recently – they’d won 4 out of 4 games and Aaron got 6 tries!


When I think back to the day, I enjoyed the tour, interviewing Aaron and seeing everything there. I hope that I can visit again one day so we can play some more rugby, I enjoyed it a lot! Another student said “it was a great day for those who enjoy rugby – a fantastic opportunity!””


*Name has been changed