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Circus Week at Somerset School


Circus week at Somerset School was a huge success! We started the week off with a session of aerial silks, where all of the kids got involved and had a go at trying out a new and scary activity! They learnt how to do an upside down straddle, a position called a stag (which is upside down and involves one straight leg and one bent leg) and a summersault! Many of the students also learnt how to climb up the silks and some even got to the top!


The second day of circus week involved all of the kids having a go at various circus skills. Many learnt how to juggle bean bags, hoops and clubs, had a go on the diablo, learnt some hula hoop tricks and tried spinning poi! They were kept busy for hours outside all day and shared nicely with each other. It was especially wonderful to see some students teaching each other tricks they had recently learnt!


On the final day of circus week the students attended their normal lessons, but were given the option to make their own circus equipment! They made juggling balls, poi and flower sticks! These were taken home so that they could show off their new talents. All in all, it was a wonderful week and the kids represented themselves and the school brilliantly!