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Curling experience!


The students at Whinfell School recently visited Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre in Preston their first experience of Curling! With Team GB triumphing at the Winter Olympics this year, Curling is set to become more popular than ever before and we wanted to get in on the action! 


As a 'Winter' sport, Curling is not widely accessible in England, so we are incredibly fortunate to have the Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre nearby.


The Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre is home to England’s only Curling Rink!

Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre Curling Hall


For those less familiar with the sport, Curling involves two teams sliding stones, also called 'rocks' on to a sheet of ice toward a target area which is separated into four concentric circles. The aim being to knock the other teams 'rocks' out of the target and having the closest 'rock' to the centre of the target.


Students loved knocking their fellow students, and 'opponents' rocks out of the way of the target and displayed a healthy amount of friendly competition, which was great to see.


Everyone enjoyed the sport so much that they have already booked in for their next visit. You never know we may well have some members of the future Curling Olympic Team amongst us!