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David from Cambian Willows is ‘star of the week’


Cambian Willows is a Tier-4 assessment and treatment inpatient service for children and young people between the ages of 12 and 18, who are experiencing mental health difficulties.


David* came to Cambian Willows in 2016 after having a very difficult time with his learning in school. After arriving at Cambian Willow in Wisbech, David worked hard on his studies with the help of staff. He has recently been awarded the ‘Star of the Week’ award at school and is very proud of his achievement.


Within a very short space of time, with steady engagement and clear plan of support and rewards offered, David who previously found education challenging is on his way to accomplishing great things! 


With the right help at Cambian Willows, in particular the manager’s and staff members at the home have helped David and built up a good reputation for helping their young people to improve educational outcomes. 


Congratulations to David and all at Cambian Willows!


*Name has been changed