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Duke of Edinburgh 2018/2019 at Somerset School

Duke of Edinburgh 2018/2019 at Somerset School image

Somerset School seeks to improve and adapt our provision to respond to students needs and give them valuable and exciting opportunities. Since the school has enrolled on the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme back in September 2018, pupils have seized the opportunity to jump on board for the adventure. For participants in the first year, we look to obtain the bronze level award. As part of these awards, students are fulfilling the criteria of learning a skill, taking part in physical exercise, volunteering and completing an expedition. With this holistic approach, we have ensured that the award has been student led and of interest to them, as a result we have students who are cycling and swimming for their skill aspect, physical education and mountain biking for their physical aspect and working at a charity shop and café for their volunteering aspect. As the first year of the award comes to an end, students are beginning preparations in order to embark on a kayaking/canoeing expedition in May. Students from Somerset school will be working with Devon School students to complete their qualifying expedition.


The Award is about personal challenge and development and is adaptable according to each participant’s interests and abilities, which has been clear to see along the journey. The outline of each student’s award complements their school life and is designed to encourage them to develop positive skills and lifestyle habits.


Staff are proud of the personal growth and confidence boost students have demonstrated, whether it is social responsibility through volunteering or developing social/ professional skills in environments outside of the classroom.