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Employability Day


The final day of term at the college is usually dedicated to ‘Employability Day’, where our learners can explore the sought-after soft skills and Key Life Competencies of the working world and then put these skills into practice in their separate enterprise groups. Last term our focus was on ‘teamwork’ and why this is a crucial feature of so many working environments.


Employability Day Students


On Friday 8th April we welcomed back three of our former students to Cambian Wing College. During a presentation in front of the entire college, the trio discussed the training, education and employment opportunities they have each been involved in since embarking on their post-college journeys.


Employability Day Students Completing Marshmellow Challenge


Offering our young people words of inspiration, they also explained how their time at Wing had helped them take those crucial next steps in their respective paths. All three students were able to offer lots of examples of how the college and what they had learned through their time here, had supported them to manage and thrive in the world beyond Wing College.


We are so proud of the lives they have set up for themselves and humbled that they were so willing to return to the college to share their experiences with our current students – Huge thanks to David, Esther and Josh for sharing their wisdom!