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Exploration Of Rivers And Wildlife


Smarties Class students recently went on a trip to Frampton Marsh to continue their exploration of rivers and wildlife.


Frampton Marsh Whats About Today Sign Frampton Marsh RSPB Sign


The day began with a talk by a member of Frampton Marsh's staff, where he spoke about the different birds in the area including Lapwings and Redshanks, providing us with some information about them.


Frampton Marsh Students Listening To Staff


We stopped by the river that was running through the marsh to have a look at the fish and shrimp, with one of the students dropping his clipboard of work into the river! Luckily someone who worked there was kind enough to fish it out and when we opened it we discovered two jumping shrimp! After the initial excitement, we quickly put them back in the water and carried on with our day.


Frampton Marsh Three Students Smiling Together


In the afternoon, we also enjoyed a flower hunt where we all searched for the different plants that grow around the Marsh. We all had such a great day and it was lovely to see students working so hard and as a team.