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Diwali Poetry


Diwali is a “festival of lights” that celebrates the triumph of light over dark, good over evil, and the blessings of victory, freedom, and enlightenment.


Our students have written some wonderful poetry to mark this event.


On the brilliant month of November

As candles produce bright ember

People gather and watch light

As stars shine through the night

People around the world to cheer in joy

From man to woman to girl to boy

No matter what race, they all share a friendly face

As they watch the bright sky lit up with light

Year 9 student


Diwali begins tomorrow at Dawn,

Where people will come from all over to fawn,

For Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth and good fortune,

They will dance and sing even if they’re in distune.


The sighting of owls is a strange phenomena,

This is because it is seen as a vahana,

A beast of loyalty, beauty and grace,

Sometimes used for gods to race.


The lights and festivities bring people around,

To laugh and enjoy the beautiful sounds,

The sounds of joy, excitement and life,

Everyone together without any strife.


This time of year, comes special to many,

And if you’re lucky you may earn a penny!

Year 11 student


May the joy & merriment of this festival surround you forever,

May this happiness, that this season brings,

Brighten your life

And hope the year brings you good fortune

And fulfil your dreams

Year 9 student


Colourful saris, Children dancing, firecrackers in the air,

Diwali is celebrated in November every year,

Sparklers shining in the cold night sky,

Sweet delicious treats keep the magic alive.

Year 11 student