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Remembrance Day 2023


Remembrance Day was celebrated with an assembly in which poems of remembrance written by the students in their English lesson, were read out.  The poems were excellent and showed both a depth of feeling and an understanding of the importance of the occasion.

At 11am a two minutes silence was held heralded in by the Last Post and ended with the Reveille. Students showed respect for the reverence of the day and are to be commended on their behaviour.


 “Sounds ring in my thoughtless mind,

A swift graceful tune of a bugle

Wind rushing like ghosts across my sour face

Tears falling to the ground

Poppies thriving in the moisture

All but silence,

Lest we forget”


Year 8 student


“The sun was setting,

Every second we’re all regretting,

joining the war,

to make a difference,

but now I know,

there is no fight,

the only thing for us is to wait,

for when the whistle sounds,

it is all too late,


We go down together,

this here moment,

may it last forever,

we stand united,

maybe this could all be at a stop,

before everyone goes over top”


Year 9 student



Once upon a time there was a terrible war.

One of the most fatal began in 44

A beach in France, where shells and bullets danced.

And the heroes charged forth.

Bombs dropped across the sky, one got hit, of what a poor guy!

But they never gave up, with great determination from their lessons learned from World War 1, they won”


Year 9 student