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Community Radio


Students from the school were invited to be guest DJ’s on Enham Community Radio. A radio station that has 20,000 monthly listeners in the local area.


Students were given the opportunity to plan their show on whatever content they wanted mixed with music synchronised with the covered content.


We were given some basic training on the rules of broadcasting as well as how to use the sound board and then the students were ‘let loose’ and were able to record their show to get used to the whole process.


In the coming weeks, students’ shows will be recorded and placed on a streaming platform called ‘mix cloud’ for the purpose of being listened to on-demand.

We are hopeful that some shows can eventually be broadcast live once the students present the necessary skills.


Enham Trust continue to be an excellent working partner for us with work experience opportunities in their estates and factory teams already established prior to being given this radio opportunity.


Our student ‘leavers’ have also been given the option of remaining as permanent DJ’s on the radio weekly roster after they leave us if they wish to do so.


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