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Pantomime Trip


Students enjoyed a sparkling performance of the pantomime ‘Cinderella‘ at the Salisbury Playhouse this morning.


Pantomime Trip Cinderella Poster


Cinderella was portrayed as an aspiring inventor living with her stepmother Lady Stella Hardup and two step-sisters Hashtag and Viral. Both step-sisters are obsessed with social media and successful influencers in partnership with Salz Baked Beans. They advocate a baked bean detox challenge for their followers which entails eating baked beans three times a day with some unwelcome consequences! In order to get Cinderella to clean their dirty bedrooms they invent a game of ‘sister school’.


Cinderella’s fairy godmother disguised as a cleaning lady (of the fairy dishwashing liquid type) came to Cinderella’s rescue after her step-sisters tricked her into tearing up her invite to the Palace ball while teaching them maths. The audience did their best to expose the various schemes that the wicked step-sisters used to trick Cinderella, but are unable to prevent them hiding her in the cellar when the Prince came knocking with the glass slipper. However, her fairy godmother came once again to her rescue and released Cinderella from the cellar.


Cinderella also taught her step-mother a valuable parenting lesson on the benefits of restricting social media use among her daughters and chastises her for neglecting her. Lady Stella Hardup regrets her treatment of her and promises to make amends. There was much laughter at the local jokes and students enjoyed seeing Lady Hardup and her two daughters chased by Pitchfork Pete and his pumpkins in the Spooky Old Forest. The students behaved beautifully throughout the performance and were a real credit to Grateley House School.