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Gruffalo Hunting with Cambian Hereford School

Gruffalo Hunting with Cambian Hereford School image

Cambian Hereford School is part of our SEMH school category and is an independent, DfE-registered, co-educational day school, providing specialist education for up to 20 students aged between 11-19 years old.


Recently, our young people went to Queenswood Country Park for a scavenger hunt and followed the Gruffalo trail by searching for items against their checklist. 


Everybody was split into teams and had to find the correct items to get extra points.  The young people began their trail missions and had a lot of fun searching high and low for all the items they needed to get the highest points for their teams! 


Team eagle-eye won extra points for bringing back the most interesting item that they found on their trail.  Team scavenger completed the trail in the quickest time with team treasure coming in second place, closely followed by team hunter. Unfortunately team eagle-eye went the scenic route resulting in them coming in fourth place. 


Clare,* who was part of them winning team sprinted to the bear to find the answer to the final clue – “we’re going on a _ _ _ _ hunt, find the answer in the wood”. Clare very quickly worked out the answer was ‘bear’ and sprinted off to collect as many points as possible!


We all had a great afternoon running around in the woods and had a lot of fun!


*Name has been changed