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Hartlepool Students Give Toys to Charity


Recently, during a school council meeting, Hartlepool School students spent time deciding which charity they'd like to support this year. One student spoke about the charity their Nana donates to every Christmas, giving gifts to a local radio station to be distributed to those in need. With Christmas around the corner, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to get involved. 


When searching online, the students came across Hartlepool Giving Tree, a charity where the donator selects a gift tag of a toy they'd like to purchase and it can then be collected from specific retailers. 





Having picked their gift, the staff and students headed to the recommended stores and picked up the toys. They then took the gifts down to the office in Hartlepool Shopping Centre, who will then organise and distribute them to those in need this Christmas, ensuring children wake up to a gift on Christmas morning.


You can read more about the charities work here.