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Thematic Learning Trip to Butser Farm


The young people from Class 1 and Class 3 visited Butser Ancient Farm, an open-air archaeology museum and active research centre as part of their thematic learning topics.


The students were able to take a guided tour around the buildings, including the Stone and Iron Age farm, Saxon halls, Celtic village, and Roman villa. Thanks to this immersive experience and the practical activities throughout the day, the students were able to learn so much.


This learning experiences provided opportunities for the young people to improve their communication skills, learn new vocabulary and connect the vocabulary learned in class with tangible objects and artefacts, thereby enhancing their understanding.


The trip enabled the students to self-regulate and work on their emotions. They had access to vast open spaces where they could walk, take part in hands-on sensory activities such as pottery-making and smelling aromatic herbs, as well as enter into roundhouses and warm themselves by a fire, wrapping themselves in blankets made from animal skins.


All the students were able to work on their resilience, whether it was due to Butser Ancient Farm being visited by other schools on the same day, waiting their turn to participate in activities, or listening and paying attention to the people leading the activities.


The visit was a real time for discovery. Exploring how people lived in the past, how they cooked, what toys and games they enjoyed, what clothes they wore, what artefacts they used, and what their homes and farms were like. All this helped the students to learn about the passage of time. The activities provided a transformative experience for the students, sparking their curiosity and imagination as they delved into the intricacies of history. Witnessing the ancient ways of life come alive!


Through the activities, the young people were able to put into practice their skills and demonstrate independence. The outdoor setting and hands-on engagement encouraged them to explore, use their initiative, and create artefacts independently. Whether it was trying their hand at ancient crafts, exploring the reconstructed structures, or navigating their way through the various historical sites.


The need to cooperate and collaborate with their friends to accomplish tasks further nurtured a sense of self-reliance and autonomy. This excursion has not only deepened their understanding of history but has also empowered them with valuable life skills that extend beyond the classroom, fostering personal growth and self-confidence as they navigate their journey into adulthood.


The visit to Butser Ancient Farm was a profoundly enriching and educational experience for the students of the lower school. It provided them with a unique opportunity to step back in time, explore the lifestyles of our ancestors, and connect classroom knowledge with real-world artefacts and historical reconstructions.


Beyond the acquisition of historical facts, this excursion has nurtured communication skills, resilience, and independence, contributing to overall personal development. We can confidently say that this visit to Butser Ancient Farm was a resounding success, offering our students an unforgettable journey through time and a valuable educational experience.