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Hill House School are raising the Green Flag!


Hill House School have earned the international accreditation, The Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, recognising the amazing work that the student's and staff have been doing to raise eco-awareness and making their school more environmentally friendly.


Staff Holding Eco School Green Flag


Eco-Schools is an international education programme that prompts young people to explore sustainability and climate change and take action and has rewarded young people’s environmental actions for over 25 years.


Prompted by the 'One Planet Living' action plan, and in collaboration with their Eco-Coordinator, Louisa Burden, the young people carried out an environmental review, assessing how eco-friendly their school is. They reviewed everything from the school’s recycling practices, to energy usage, to how environmental themes are covered in the curriculum. Building on their findings, the Eco-Committee planned a year of activities that would up their green-credentials.


The group connected their work to 3 Eco-Schools topics: Biodiversity, Global Citizenship, and Healthy Living.


Activities included a nature-themed World Book Day, taking part in the RSPB Big School Birdwatch, Bushcraft, Recycling Day, planting trees for the Queen’s Green Canopy as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and raising money for charity on a “Walk for Ukraine” during World Autism Acceptance Week.


Stadent Planting Tree With Staff Member

HH Raising The Green Flag Eco Friendly Events


Having created a whole new 'One Planet Living' curriculum with schemes of work for the chosen Eco-School topics, the team are now busy preparing for the next academic year. 


As part of the CareTech Group, one of the primary objectives of CareTech’s CARE4 responsible business strategy is taking care of the planet. CARE4, Our Responsible Business Strategy, sets out the Group’s purpose-led plan to being a responsible business. CARE4 guides us to ensure that we manage our business effectively, ethically, and sustainably.


Hill House School has worked on improving biodiversity as part of CareTech’s CARE4 Responsible Business Strategy, with students and staff installing bat boxes, bee houses, bug hotels, and a wonderful butterfly garden in their back garden along with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.


Louisa said: “All of this work has been very exciting and has provided a fresh and very current and important focus for us all.”


Eco-Schools England Manager, Adam Flint, said: “Earning an Eco-Schools Green Flag Award takes passion, commitment and a desire to make a difference. Pupils should be proud of their great work. They’re an inspiration and it makes us feel heartened and positive about the future of our planet.”


A huge congratulations for this incredible achievement. Everyones hard work and dedication to sustainable living at Hill House is extraordinary and we are so pleased that this has been recognised by earning this wonderful accreditation!


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