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Hill House School awarded 360 AQA UAS certificates


All the young people at Hill House School have the opportunity to work towards a form of accreditation from AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance).


Students receive a certificate for each unit award completed and during the spring term our young people across the school achieved an impressive total of 360 unit awards! 


*As stated by AQA (examination body), the unit award scheme (UAS) offers learners the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is successfully completed.


Students follow a unit for eight weeks and units can be worked on as a group or by an individual. Each scheme of work within the Hill House curriculum has a link to an associated unit. Students are able to work towards a pre-entry or entry level unit.


Hill House has an AQA after school club where students can also work on units which promote independent living, leisure and community based skills.


Each unit has criteria for evidence. The teacher or staff member working on the unit with the student follows the criteria and collects evidence in the form of teacher checklists, photographs, video and worksheets. After gathering all the work evidence this is then submitted to AQA for external accreditation and the school is currently waiting for the 360 certificates to arrive. 


Hill House has an accreditation lead who is responsible for ensuring that all students have the opportunity to work towards an AQA award. The lead delivers 1:1 and group lessons as well as advises and supports teachers.


Here is a list of some of the 360 AQA certificates, broken down into subjects / extracurricular activities / AQA sessions:


Art: 50 certificates 

English / sensory: 40 certificates 

English / communication: 34 certificates 

English / reading (phonics): achieved during the AQA sessions: 120 certificates 

MFL (Indian and Asian cookery) – 25 certificates 

Maths: 62 certificates 

Science: 5 certificates 

RE: 5 certificates 

Music: 11 certificates 

DT: 21 certificates 

After- school AQA club: 7 certificates 


Well done to all the young people on their achievements!


*taken from AQA website: