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Hill House School celebrate 'Smoothie Bike Day!'

Hill House School celebrate 'Smoothie Bike Day!' image

On the last Friday in July, Hill House School hosted their very own ‘Smoothie Bike Day’, which all the young people and staff were very excited about!


As part of their current focus on food work, the students have been learning all about the right and wrong foods that they should be eating and had the opportunity to pedal for their healthy smoothies!  


All the young people took part choosing their smoothie ingredients and learning that pedal power can be very useful.  Students had to work hard to keep the blender going as they pedalled and eventually turn the fruit and juices they had chosen into a delicious smoothie. The smoothies were very well-deserved and refreshing to drink after all that hard work on the bike!


Furthermore as part of the extended curriculum, our young people have been involved in a weekly ‘Food Explorer’ club that takes place after school.  Here they have had the chance to try a range of different foods such as fish, seeds and nuts and vote on their favourites. These choices have been fed back to the school kitchen and included on the menu in the new ‘Let’s Eat’ Café.


Everybody had a brilliant day and is looking forward to the new school meals!