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Inspirational Intensive Interaction Training at The Forum School


David Hewett has joined The Forum School for two intensive interaction training sessions which has left the staff team feeling energised and inspired.


David has been performing conferences since 1987 and is clearly extremely passionate about his approach.


Intensive interaction is a fundamental communication, approach for all ages that supports the use of 'chit-chat'. It develops the fundamental skills for any further educations; such as sharing attention with another person, having fun and playing and understanding non-verbal communication. Young people are supported in developing these skills through the approach being delivered informally across the day.


The young person leads the communication with the staff member making themselves available to that young person. This can be achieved by using phrases such as 'I am here for you,' 'You have my full attention', or by physical presence and positive body language. Non-verbal communication is emphasised as the focus to developing an understanding and use of these things, particularly facial expressions which can be challenging for people with Autism.


David has developed his training using the foundation of principles surrounding typically developing communication skills and it mimics naturally interaction between parent and baby. Intensive interaction training teaches staff to develop a young person's self-esteem by giving them power to lead interaction, and take pleasure from it. The key principles are that adult communication partners must tune into the young person, be available and become a social human being that meets the level of that individual.


The team at The Forum School have already started using what they have learnt throughout their day to day practice.


Thank you David for sharing your expertise, we look forward to you visiting again!