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Jack from Cambian Home Tree School does his bit for the community

Jack from Cambian Home Tree School does his bit for the community image

Jack*, one of our young people from Cambian Home Tree School has been keeping very busy with all sorts of extra-curricular activities.  


Last week, he had the opportunity to do some volunteering for the local Conservative party and even visited the Mayor of Wisbech.


Jack has written two very exciting accounts of his trips in his own words below and we are so happy that he got the chance to do this!




“Yesterday I volunteered for the Conservative party.  I was helping to package books for a local policy where every school child will be given a free reading book for the summer. Another volunteer was helping and Stephen Barclay’s assistant was also there.  We also briefly met Stephen Barclay’s wife.  Everyone was very friendly and offered us hot drinks and cakes.  The atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed and informal.  I was supposed to stay until 12, but we finished the job early and left.”  


Visit to the Mayor


“Today I went to Wisbech town hall to meet the Mayor.  The inside of the town hall was very grand.  There were paintings of previous mayors and different artefacts.  The Mayor was late because he had been told the wrong date.  He rushed in as quickly as he could to see me.  Whilst waiting for him I spoke to someone who works on the council and they explained how complicated the council system is. When the Mayor arrived he apologised for being late and was very friendly.  He let me try on the Mayor’s chain and told me about some of the artefacts.”


Well done Jack on your fantastic outings and we are so glad that you had a great time!  


*Name has been changed