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Kyle's Catering Work Experience!


We would like to say a huge congratulations to Kyle for the fantastic report he received from his work experience placement run by the Hextol Foundation. 


Kyle began his placement in November 2021 at the Tans Café, working shifts on a Friday afternoon. The café kitchen is a busy environment, where he undertook a variety of tasks including: chopping and preparing vegetables, measuring, and mixing ingredients for cakes, cleaning and using the dishwasher.


Kyle Cooking


Following on from his placement at Tans, Kyle went on to gain some more experience at another of their catering kitchens at Gilesgate, this kitchen is a more relaxed environment where Kyle helps to prepare lunch for their volunteers as well as preparing cakes and other items for the Tans and other contracts (e. g. making marmalade to sell).


After his shift, Kyle stays for lunch with other volunteers and is happy to join in discussions and conversations. His placement have found Kyle a pleasure to have in both kitchens. They have expressed that Kyle is a very polite young man and engages well with staff and the other volunteers, none of whom he knew before he started.


His placement have also commented on Kyles ability to follow instructions and that he has a very good understanding of what it is like to work in a kitchen. He seems happy to take instructions from different members of staff and will ask questions if he does not understand.


He works hard and says that he enjoys his time here. His placement have said that in the short time Kyle has been with them he has already shown great improvement in terms of his engagement and team skills.


Well Done Kyle!